A little bit of history

Today, a different type of outing for me, looking at a little history with a big story!


The Ballymartin River



The forge.


The workshop.


The millrace.


The turbine, which is still in use and in working order after nearly 150 years!



The walls of the original beetling mill.

A fascinating tour!  Well worth the visit!

Find out more at: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/pattersons-spade-mill






A Day Out

The weather has been wet, windy and miserable recently so when the sun finally decided to come out from behind the clouds we jumped in the car and headed to a place we haven’t visited in a long time.  Rowallane!  One of the National Trust’s properties not too far from home.


St. Patrick’s Church, Saul

It is believed that St. Patrick came to this area of County Down in 432AD and following his death an abbey was built on the site.  After its destruction by the Vikings in the 12th century it was re-founded as an Augustinian Priory which was also destroyed, in the 14th century by Edward Bruce.

On the 1500th anniversary of the landing of St. Patrick the current building was opened, on All Saint’s Day in 1933.  Prayer and worship continue to this day.  A beautiful church and a reminder of our Christian roots on this island.




A day out

Yesterday it rained, then it rained even harder, then there was a thunderstorm!

Today however, was wonderful.  A day out in great company.



From Sandy Bay to Ram’s Island it took twenty minutes on the ferry.  There were the usual Lough Neagh midges to contend with but not the in numbers we get earlier in the year, and they don’t bite!

A walk, a talk and a picnic.  Brilliant!